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When I first met and began to work with Dan he immediately put me to ease by his friendly and open demeanor. He left no doubt that when he met with me that he was totally focused on my needs and the needs of my family. Dan has been a great encouragement to me as I have worked through the process of finding direction for my life. My life has been enriched as I have discovered and worked through the process that has led to greater success in my life. I better understanding the potential within me; I have developed a greater appreciation of my value; I have learned to think more clearly; I have learned how to be more disciplined in the important areas of my life.
Dan has become a good friend that I have come to trust and appreciate his skills as a coach. I am absolutely convinced that he would do anything within his power to help anyone to succeed and better themselves. It is my privilege to call him my friend.

Schuyler B., Pastor, Missionary

I am a participant in the John Maxwell Change Your World Initiative as a member of Dan’s Transformation Table. Dan is the facilitator and always adds pertinent, uplifting insights to the conversations during the meetings. I have been encouraged by his positive attitude to pursue a servant leader direction in my life. I appreciate greatly the time he has taken to invest in the lives of others.

Melanie W., DVM

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